04 Feb 2020

Three Rock Panorama October edition

Cruagh Wood – Ballyogan Greenway

DLR has confirmed work on clearing the site in preparation for the installation of the new greenway between Cruagh Wood and Ballyogan Road commenced on Monday, 16th September.

The work is expected to last six months and should be completed by end of next March.

I know from meeting local residents in the area how badly needed this project is, as the new walkway/greenway will facilitate both pedestrians and cyclists. This will be a great facility for the locality, providing shorter access to the LUAS and an amenity which people of all ages can enjoy.

The four metre wide pedestrian link will run for 835m with 90m consisting of a boardwalk being elevated over the existing stream and flood plain. The greenway will start within Clay Farm, cross a flood plain before turning towards the boundary hedging at the council golf course and continuing on to Cruagh Wood.

Stepaside Garda Station

Stepaside Garda Station will be completed in the coming weeks. Next month the renovated building will be handed over to An Garda Síochána who will prepare it for opening and the station will soon be serving our community once again.

Following reports that Stepaside Garda Station will only be operating during limited hours, I contacted Garda Commissioner Drew Harris who informed me that the Gardaí based in Stepaside will be operating 24/7, once the station is reopened. The actual opening hours of the public office at the station have not yet been finalised as it is subject to further consideration by local Garda management.

It is very important for local people to know that there will be a Garda presence on a 24/7 basis in the Stepaside area. Having a strong presence of Gardaí in the locality will be a huge relief to the public, the elderly and local business owners.

E Scooters

I recently launched a public consultation on Powered Personal Transporters (PPTs), the most common of which are e-scooters. I urge constituents to have their say on the future use of e scooters PPTs.

The consultation follows on from a report commissioned by the RSA which broadly supports legalising the use of such vehicles on public roads, but subject to certain criteria. Under current road traffic legislation, the use of these mechanically propelled vehicles is illegal on public roads/in public places.

The public consultation commenced on 1st September 2019 and will run for a period of two months, concluding on 1st November 2019. It is available on my Department’s website, www.dttas.gov.ie and submissions are being invited from all interested parties. The consultation is also being brought directly to the attention of a range of stakeholders with a particular interest/responsibility for road safety.

Ireland is not unique in facing up to the issue of either continuing to ban or regularising the growing presence of powered personal transporters and particularly e scooters. Administrations across Europe are facing similar challenges. The report commissioned by the RSA outlines how there is no universal consensus in other countries in how to approach this issue.

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