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Security at Dublin Airport is Appalling

Posted on: April 13th, 2005

What has been happening at Dublin Airport with regard to the security breaches in the past two days? It is alarming that simulated bombs and other dangerous items got through security and could have been smuggled on to aeroplanes without apparent difficulty. The security at the airport is appalling.

The Minister should come to the House, not just to clarify that situation but also to open a wider debate on the second terminal, which is apparently paralysed for about the 20th time. We need him to come here or to the Dáil to inform us of what is happening.

The two issues are connected. The Dublin Airport Authority, which is responsible for security, is apparently in line for responsibility for the second terminal. In light of what has happened over the past two days, we must ask whether this body is fit to operate and own a second terminal.

The “culture” – I use that imprecise word deliberately – in Dublin Airport has not improved under the Dublin Airport Authority. It is the same as it was under Aer Rianta, only now it operates under a new name. We need to examine the matter in a robust way in the House immediately. We can no longer allow this issue or the issue of security to be put off because they are linked. Will the Leader ask the Minister for Transport, Deputy Cullen, if, at long last, he has the power to make a decision on this, which is doubtful, and to come here and tell us what is happening at the airport and with regard to the terminals?