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Shane Ross (born 11 July 1949) is an independent TD for Dublin South and former Business Editor of the Sunday Independent.

He was the longest-serving member of the Seanad (representing the University of Dublin constituency), until he was elected to the Dáil for the constituency of Dublin South in the 2011 general election.

Shane has spent his political life campaigning against vested interests, public sector waste; and the unfair treatment of small shareholders and consumers. He is a voracious supporter of whistle-blowers and was instrumentally involved in the case of former AIB Internal Auditor, Eugene McErlean, who blew the whistle on overcharging within the bank. Ross has campaigned for stronger legal protection for those who expose bad practice at all levels. In 2011, he brought his Whistleblowers Protection Bill before the Dáil, designed to protect whistle-blowers from losing their jobs if they lift the lid on unethical activities.

In 2000, with broadcaster Eamon Dunphy, Shane championed the case of small shareholders of Eircom after shares in the former state-owned company dropped by more than a third in value in just over a year. He spoke out against the salaries, bonuses and fees being paid to directors and drew widespread recognition for his denouncement of what he saw as a cosy deal for the Board of Directors.

In 2008, Shane drew attention to the malpractice of the NTR tolling system and heavily criticised the National Roads Authority for its inefficient handling of the M50 barrier-free tolling system.

After procuring The Baker Tilly report in 2008/2009, he revealed a number of abuses within CIE. As a result of his revelations about the extravagance and overspending within CIE, a number of its heads were brought to task by Ross and his colleagues on the Oireachtas Transport Committee. He repeatedly called for the resignations of the chairman and chief executive, amongst others on the board.

Shane is the author of a Broadband Bill which he brought before the Senate in 2008. He has been consistently committed to achieving substantial rollout across Ireland believing that the current situation in terms of broadband deployment, speed and affordability is inexcusably lacking.

As well as these campaigns, Ross has worked on behalf of education issues; childcare; transport; and numerous other platforms.

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Other achievements and priorities of Minister Ross include

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