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Update: Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

Since the closure of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool in December 2013, both Minister Ross and Inde
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Road safety measures are about saving lives – nothing else.

Speaking in the Dáil on 25th April 2018 in relation to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill
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Open the Gates: Government U-turns on the M50

Posted on: January 30th, 2006

Only a year ago the Taoiseach said the toll plaza would not be bought out, that the State could not afford it. It would be very useful to have a debate on that U-turn and why it happened. It would also be useful to look at the history of this contract. I will not give a history lesson but Fianna Fáil should stop rewriting history. It keeps saying it was a coalition Government that produced this contract but it was signed by two very well known people, Mr. Pádraig Flynn, who could not wait to sign it —and Mr. George Redmond who also could not wait to sign it.

It is important that we debate the complete lack of clarity about what is coming up and not just what has happened. It is all very well announcing what is considered to be good news but having nothing to put in its place is unforgivable.

The two year wait the Minister now promises is unacceptable. He could set the toll at zero tomorrow, which would open the toll gates.