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Update: Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

Since the closure of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool in December 2013, both Minister Ross and Inde
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Road safety measures are about saving lives – nothing else.

Speaking in the Dáil on 25th April 2018 in relation to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill
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Morris must be debated in a Calm, not Hysterical, Manner

Posted on: June 2nd, 2005

We have for a long time been happy to dismiss the difficulties, brutalities and wrongdoing of some members of the Garda Síochána as bad apples in a good force. The questions that must now be asked are, how many bad apples are there to be rooted out, how systemic this is, whether there really is a kind of disease within the Garda Síochána that must be rooted out and if it is ingrained or only a case of some bad apples?

It is convenient for us to say that kind of thing happens in Donegal — that there is a kind of independent republic in Donegal where this happens, but I doubt if that is the case.

I, for one, am beginning to be convinced that there is a larger problem which should be investigated. That larger problem is undermining the great majority of gardaí who do a superb job. In passing, we should not forget that we are very quick to criticise the wrongdoing of forces in other jurisdictions. We ought to first look at ourselves.