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Is Shoulder Tapping Proposed to encourage Aer Lingus Staff to Quit?

Posted on: July 26th, 2005

Reacting to reports suggesting practices such as ‘shoulder tapping’ were proposed to encourage Aer Lingus staff to quit, other staff issues need attention at the airline. I questioned Aer Lingus chairman, John Sharman, at the Joint Committee on Transport:

There was a need for 1,300 people to exit the company under the redundancy programme which was implemented and some 1,600 applied for the severance package. Does this mean there are now 300 people working in Aer Lingus who would rather not be there? What does that mean for the future of industrial relations? What are the after-effects of this for Aer Lingus? Are there still people seeking to leave on similar terms?

[And] are any outstanding specific cases documented of people complaining of these environmental push factors such as ‘shoulder tapping’? Does the company chairman know of any which have been brought to him by the unions and which are still outstanding?

Mr. Sharman said that he has still not received any written complaints nor has anybody formally or informally made those complaints to him. 1,652 applied to go while the business plan target was 1,300 he claimed: “The total number of people who are likely to exit the company under the scheme is probably slightly under 1,000.”