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Go on, Michael, give ’em hell

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013

TOUGH luck putting your faith in Jack O’Connor last week. I told you often enough: never trust a brother with a bushy beard. Jack has left you in a predictable pickle. Your Budget arithmetic is in tatters. Never mind, Comrade O’Connor will help you and the Labour Party to cook up a fresh fudge to sell to ordinary Siptu members. Within weeks, you will be able to reassure your masters in the Troika that Jack the Menace is really Jack the Pussy cat.

Leave Jack to the tender mercies of his members. Perhaps they will vote him out of office in due course. Jack is an insider, part of the establishment with a deceptive growl. I have a feeling that if you were a member of Siptu you would be voting for Jack.

Why do I say that? Because this week you will decide whether to vote for other establishment figures. On Wednesday morning at 9.30am the Bank of Ireland holds its AGM in Dublin’s Burlington Hotel.

Will you be there, Michael? You should be. You hold no less than 15 per cent of the votes on behalf of the Irish people. Go on, turn up, give the bankers hell. They have given you the run-around for long enough.

Perhaps you will be otherwise engaged? If you are, is there any chance you could sign over your proxy to me?

You still have until 9.30am tomorrow to exercise your proxy. I am available to pick it up any time today. As a small shareholder, who has lost 90 per cent of his money, I will be in the Burlington at the AGM anyway .

If you give me the proxy, I promise to vote AGAINST every single resolution. I assume that will be carrying out your wishes?

I have a suspicion that Ireland’s taxpayers would support opposition to the board’s resolutions. Yet I have an uneasy feeling that you are about to vote IN FAVOUR of them.

I am uneasy because for two weeks in a row I have asked you Dail Questions about which way you intend to cast the peoples’ votes on all eight resolutions .

On both occasions you have avoided answering. You have told me that “my department is in the final stages of its review of the relevant documentation. As previously stated, the ultimate voting decision will be based on the assessment of the best interests of the State and to maximise the return to the taxpayer of the funds invested in the Bank”.

Come on, Michael. Cut the crap. Follow your gut.

Wednesday provides the perfect chance for you to detach yourself from the bankers’ hook on which you are impaled. You are either on the side of the bankers or on the side of the people. Your vote on the resolutions will reveal all.