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Eddie Responds To “That Person!”

Posted on: November 19th, 2007

Will Eddie Hobbs never go away? After the Corkman got a right of reply in last week’s Sunday Independent to some fairly robust revelations about his current property product, Brendan Investments, he sends a message: there is nothing personal about our exchanges over his attempts to raise as much as €250m. A generous gesture? An olive branch? I am beginning to feel quite guilty about the lumps I took out of the guru. But the guilt hardly lasts 24 hours. I am surprised when a friend contacts me saying that Hobbs himself has been on the blower to him.

Hobbs is working the phones to his list of potential investors, drumming up last-minute loot. My friend had been to one of his road shows and signed Eddie’s book. Eddie’s message is not quite so generous this time – but he does not know that his potential investor will relay his remarks to me.

Potential investor: “So I see you wrote a right of reply in that rag the Sunday Indo?”

“They would not have printed what I really wanted to say,” said Eddie. “That person!” continued the Corkman, referring to me. “He’s a competitor. He’s chairman of an investment trust. I am going to leave that matter for another person on another day.”

Eddie has a lot more to say, and he also adds that he has over €10m in the bag. If he reaches the €250m target I shall donate €1,000 to the Jim Flavin insider-dealing supporters club. He will be lucky to touch €50m.