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Local Property Tax Review – Have your say!

  I’m organising a submission to the review of the local property tax. You can
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Locals Increase Pressure to Re-Open Glenalbyn Pool

Last Monday, local Independent Alliance TD and Minister for Sport, Shane Ross, echoed the
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We’re in dangerous territory as Dail’s most powerful cabal keeps its secrets

The most powerful Dail committee always sits in secret. Decisions are handed down to the Dail, where necessary, but otherwise no whisper of its activities is meant to reach the outside world.

Questions to Rehab Execs Over Salaries

Judicial Appointment Bill Opening Statement

Shane Ross with Independent TDs outside Buswells Hotel at the
launch of Shane’s bill to remove the appointment of top judges
and Gardaí from the gift of the government
Pic: Hugh O’Connell/

Noble Vision Hijacked by FF Cronies

Did Charlie Haughey save the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC)? In 1987 Lady Valerie Goulding, CRC’s great founder, declared that “but for Charlie, we’d have no centre today”.


Mandarins Maintain Veil of Secrecy

DO you detect the hidden hand of the mandarins in the current Freedom of Information shenanigans?
Mandarins love secrecy. Freedom of Information is a dagger in their hearts, a citizens’ disease seen by them as promoted by populist politicians.

He Cared About Readers; Not Just Figures

A few weeks after I was made business editor of the Sunday Independent I went out to lunch with editor Aengus Fanning and a senior management type.

On the agenda was the progress of this newspaper’s attempt to compete with the dull business supplements then emerging from our competitors. As so often happened with Aengus, there was a sense of friction when anyone tried to snipe at his staff or his products.

The management type was unenthusiastic about the tone of the pages, and distinctly sniffy about our descent into critical populism. He had been receiving flak from his business chums. They were meant to feel that this was their section. It should be authoritative and far more business-friendly.

Confident that the sort of heresy the business section was pursuing would appeal to him, I looked to Aengus for support.

Aengus was unpredictable as ever. He was vehement: “Do you know the one thing I do not want to see in my business section?” he demanded. Both of us looked puzzled, because with Aengus you never knew what was coming next .

Anglo from the Horse’s Mouth

HAD the Irish Times turned tabloid?

Last week, ex-editors of the paper of record turned in their graves. The lead item on a front page that frowns on sensationalism had gone walkabout.

Bankers Haunt Queen’s Visit


A wonderful week is haunted by the ghosts of bankers past. The Queen may come and the Queen may go, but Ireland’s bankers are still calling the shots.

As I head for London on the early Cityjet flight I spot the first ghost. Former Bank of Ireland chief Richard Burrows is sitting at the front of the plane in the exclusive ‘Cityplus’ section.

The Irish Dinosaurs Never Die

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny is playing a blinder; no one in the Dail has yet landed a glove on Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore; old hands like Pat Rabbitte and Michael Noonan are brushing aside challenges in the chamber. While government U-turns are two a penny, the main players are managing to emerge unscathed.