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    Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

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    Locals Increase Pressure to Re-Open Glenalbyn Pool

    Shane Ross, T.D addresses the Public Meeting calling for the re-opening of Glenalbyn Pool.

    Last Monday, local Independent Alliance TD and Minister for Sport, Shane Ross, echoed the distress of the community at the unacceptable delay and vowed to continue to use his public platform to apply pressure on Dun-Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to reopen the pool.

    The communities of Stillorgan and beyond descended on O’Dwyers Pub in Kilmacud last Monday evening to voice their frustration at the delay in reopening their much loved swimming pool. Glenalbyn pool closed its doors to the public over three and a half years ago due to health and safety concerns. The roof was removed and the basin subsequently filled in. Locals assumed these defects would be remedied in a timely fashion.

    “It is high time the Council came good on its promise to refurbish and reopen Glenalbyn Swimming Pool at the original site. The community is crying out for the return of this vital facility. While daily we are reminded of the benefits of swimming to young and old alike, not just physically, but also mentally and socially, it seems deeply injurious to the community to be deprived of our pool for so long.”

    Minister Ross’s views were shared by local Independent Councillor, Deirdre Donnelly, who has been campaigning alongside Minister Ross for almost four years. Referring to Monday’s meeting, Donnelly said:
    “I am delighted that there was such a high turnout despite the summer holidays. This clearly indicates that there is a strong interest in re-opening the pool within the community. Many attendees spoke about how important Glenalbyn Swimming Pool was to them. We heard on Monday from Catherine Murray whose children Oisin and Aoife Murray are elite swimmers with Glenalbyn Swimming Club. Aoife won gold at the Irish Open last weekend. Catherine spoke about the difficulties in finding training facilities elsewhere and the impact the lack of a pool was having on the club.”

    Unusually, funding is not the stumbling block. The Council has ring-fenced €10m for the project in its capital plan. It is understood that the delay arises from, amongst other issues, finalising the design and construction plan for the site and the desire to ameliorate the resulting impact on the immediate surroundings.

    Minister Ross has urged locals to continue to apply pressure at every level – to Council officials, councillors – both inside and outside of the Stillorgan Ward – TDs and through sports clubs saying; “Together we can achieve the completion of this project”

    The constipated sphinx breaks ranks and turns on the bankers

    The last time Kevin Cardiff appeared before a Dail committee, he resembled a constipated sphinx. His 2011 summons to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) proved tortuous. The then head of the Department of Finance was on the back foot after a €3.6bn error in the State’s finances occurred on his watch. Extracting information from the sphinx was like pulling teeth from the mouth of an unwilling dragon.

    Bankers turn the tables on the Banking Inquiry

    The bankers are playing a blinder. Someone, somewhere has been giving them some wickedly shrewd advice.

    Pym the Pauper shares his sausage and chips

    Do not be fooled by AIB’s tiny cut in rates last Friday. One cut does not kill a cartel.


    Landlords of Leinster House declare interests

    Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams receives a pension from the Queen of England. The ghosts of nationalists past must be haunting his Donegal holiday home.


    Merkel won’t interfere with our ministers’ toys

    You have to hand it to the Government. The economy is on a roll. There they are feeding us with fine figures about exports, deficit reduction, falling jobless and the rest.


    Enda volunteers Ireland for Angela’s army

    The Scene: The Cabinet Room in Dublin’s Merrion Street. In the chair, Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

    The Untouchables

     “The Untouchables’ (2012) by Shane Ross & Nick Webb shines a light into the dark corners of Official Ireland to show that the destructive culture of cronyism that afflicts so much of Irish life is still alive and kicking. Ross and Webb investigate the workings of lobbyists; judicial appointments; law firms and much more in a shocking indictment of modern Ireland.



    In 2010, along with Nick Webb, he co-authored, ‘Wasters’, an examination of the scandal of public sector waste and extravagance at the taxpayers’ expense.

    The Bankers

    The Bankers

    Shane is a best-selling author. His 2009 bestseller, ‘The Bankers: How the Banks Brought Ireland to its Knees’, lifted the veil from those whose reckless lending to property developers brought Ireland from boom to bust.