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How Much does a Licence to Spoof Cost? Twelve Grand and about 20 Minutes

“Why not be an auctioneer? You could earn a fortune for doing eff-all. You were a parasite when you were a broker, so you could happily be a parasite again.” That was how my wife started me on my new career path.

“Come on,” I protest. “I’ll never qualify before the housing boom ends. Money for jam is a great idea, but it will surely take years to gain a licence to practise as an estate agent?

“Anyway I would skip the lectures, fail the exams, and probably be senile before I had served out my apprenticeship. It could be a decade before I am up and running. How long do you think it would take?”

“About 20 minutes,” says she.

Government Unwilling or Unable to Act on Issue of Stamp Duty and First Time Buyers

The Government is at sixes and sevens on the issue of stamp duty and the problems faced by first-time buyers. There is scope for a great deal of imaginative tax reform in this area, but the Government seems unwilling or unable to act on the issue, I told the Seanad this week.

To be fair to the Government, this is a massively complicated issue. The abolition of or reduction in stamp duty is not a simple issue. It is not easy to work out what would happen in certain circumstances. In fact, nobody knows the answer to that question.

Odds Stacked against the First-Time Buyer in Property Market

The building, buying and selling of property comprise a big jungle of which people have a pretty ropy understanding. The system seems to suit the developers, sellers, landowners and everybody except the first-time buyer or the person who actually needs a house in which to live. It would be preferable if it suited the latter.

The odds in this jungle are stacked very heavily not just against the first-time buyer but also against the person buying a home in which to live. I do not want to lay all the blame on the Government for the young first-time buyer not always being able to buy a property but there are circumstances in which it is obviously fair that the Government interfere in what is known as the free market. There are social circumstances in which this applies and it certainly applies in the case in question. (more…)

Reforms of Autioneering Business to be Welcomed

Speaking on Morning Ireland this morning I welcomed moves to reform the auctioneering business. Click here and scroll down to “Senator Shane Ross welcomes moves towards reform of the profession” to listen

Auctioneer Regulatory Body to be Welcomed

Reports today indicate that the Commission on Auctioneering has recommended that the government set up and independent regulatory body to supervise the practices of auctioneers. The conclusion that auctioneers should not simply regulate themselves is to be welcomed.

Speaking on RTE news, I said that the Commission’s conclusions are fine in principle. But the remedies are not as radical as they should be:

I’m very disappointed with the solution which they have proposed on guide prices. If the proposal as it stands is implemented, it won’t provide a solution at all.

Promised Review of Auctioneers Has Not Yet Materialised

The Minister came to the House and pledged that a commission would be set up to look into the activities of auctioneers and to make recommendations with a view to regulating the area or introducing legislation. No such body has been set up. I ask the Leader to consider making representations to the Department that if pledges of that sort are made to this House, they should be kept.

It is not good enough that promises made by a Minister in this House should be ignored by his officials. I am not pointing a sword or a finger at the auctioneering business. I am just looking for a review, which was promised last May and has not materialised.

Abusive Practices in Auctioneerinig Industry Must Stop

On May 28 2003 I called for an end to the abusive practices in the Auctioneering industry. I tabled a motion requesting a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards to be drawn up, applicable to Auctioneers. The complete lack of regulation in the industry has led to instances of consumer trust being severely abused. Self-regulation has completely failed in the industry. (more…)