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    Minister for Transport Shane Ross has described the potential Brexit impact as a ‘geopolitical, economic earthquake’.

    23/01/2017 | Irish Times | The cancellation of flights from Donegal to Glasgow, Scotland,
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    We can take on world’s best and win – a look back on an incredible year for Irish sport as tourism to hit record high

    Shane Ross | 26/12/2016 | The Sun | ‘We may be a small island nation, but we have pr
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    Economic Prosperity has Brought with it Extraordinary Social Problems.

    Professor John FitzGerald yesterday made an interesting contribution to a SIPTU conference in Cork. He said that while affordable child care is already a big problem, it will get much worse. Among the reasons he cited for this are that many more women than men are progressing to third level education and employers will find that women account for a significantly larger share of the supply of skilled labour than men. Employers will have to attract and hold skilled women and men, many of whom have young children. Meanwhile, the supply of child care will likely decrease. (more…)

    Motion in Seanad on Childcare

    Today I have put down the following motion for debate in the Seanad:

    That Seanad Eireann, mindful of Ireland’s unprecedented national wealth, urges the Minister for Finance to give far greater resources in the next Budget to childcare and the difficulties encountered by parents of children attending crèches, primary or secondary schools. (more…)

    Lack of Resources for Autistic Children is Unacceptable

    lmost a year has assed since I initiated a debate on Autism. This week in the Seanad I pressed for more funding to be made available:

    “The issue [of autism] has arisen in this House more than in the other, and there is all-party support in the area. We could continue that debate and squeeze some money out of the Minister.

    “We should get a commitment from the Minister for an extra grant for autism. We might achieve something by doing that in this House… All sides appear to agree on the issue and it could be taken seriously here.”