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Update: Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

Since the closure of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool in December 2013, both Minister Ross and Inde
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Road safety measures are about saving lives – nothing else.

Speaking in the Dáil on 25th April 2018 in relation to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill
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Broadband Bill Beckons

Posted on: May 22nd, 2008

I rose to speak on the serious matter of broadband in a special adjournment. I wanted to take the opportunity to invite Members of the Opposition to sign the Broadband Bill which I have been developing for months, No. 13 on the Order Paper in the name of the Independent Senators, which aims to introduce broadband to every household and small business in the country.

I have worked hard on this Bill and I would like it to be introduced in a non-partisan fashion. I would not necessarily expect the Government to support it, but I would like see the Minister using it as a basis for a Government Bill on broadband. I would not expect the Government, the Opposition or anybody to support it word for word or letter for letter but it might get the ball rolling. I urged the Leader to agree to a discussion on the Bill and perhaps use it as a basis for introducing speedy broadband in this country as soon as possible. There is a crisis in that regard felt by most households outside the Capital. I know that members of the Labour Party share our view that this is a crisis of infrastructure in this country. I do not think anybody disagrees about the critical nature of the issue. It is a matter of how it can be done, when and at what cost, what is not in question is the necessity of it!