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Apologies for Terrorism from Government should not be Tolerated

Posted on: March 24th, 2006

Reacting to comments by Senator Mary White in the wake of ETA’s ceasefire, I told the Seanad that apologies for terrorism from Government benches should not be tolerated.

I am concerned about the apologies for terrorism emanating from the Government benches. If Senator White wants to use the Seanad to praise the president of Sinn Féin and his 14 years striving for peace, she should join that party.

Mr. Gerry Adams spent 30 years supporting terrorism before he found out anything about peace. The word “peace” and the name “Adams” are contradictory. It is right such a statement should be allowed to be contradicted in this House. Mr. Adams is responsible for, and supported, more deaths than anybody in this country.

I will not tolerate those on the Government benches using a peace declared yesterday to start to excuse these people and using them as some sort of promoters and crusaders for peace, which they are not.