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AIB AGM last Wednesday… Missed It? You probably DID!

Posted on: May 14th, 2007

What a happy day last Wednesday promised to be. Two big AGMs were in the diary. Possible fireworks at AIB’s annual whitewash, and maybe a bit of mischief at cement giant CRH’s bash. A tempting binge of board baiting beckoned. So I rang AIB to find out the time of its shareholder meeting.

And where was it being held? I expected the answer to be in headquarters in Dublin, in the RDS, or in one of the normal venues. I should have known better. AIB had pulled a stroke. This year it was in Galway.

No better way of guaranteeing a low attendance.

AIB was not disappointed. Apparently barely a hundred turned up. Once upon a time at the height of AIB’s misdemeanours the bank had opted for Belfast; on another occasion, it took the roadshow to Cork. This year, Galway was favoured. Only the most determined dissidents made the journey.

Next year, maybe Poland? Good thinking, AIB. There cannot be many unhappy AIB shareholders or customers in Warsaw… Not yet anyway.