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#JobFairy Constituency Worker to a Member of Dáil Éireann

JOB SPECIFICATION   Purpose:   To represent, assist and advise Member on constit
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Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

17% increase overall 26% increase in tourism 13% increase in Sport Minister for Transport,
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Archive for December, 2013

Challenging Nama at the PAC 20 12 13

PAC 19 12 13 Ross questions the HSE on their knowledge of top ups

Address On Behalf of The Technical Group after Ireland’s Exit from the Bail Out. 16.12.13.

Address On Behalf Of the Technical Group of TDs




Question to Jim Nugent of CRC, salary justification

Question to former CRC head Paul Kiely on salary top up

A legacy of ‘stuffing’ the patients

What a legacy the departed directors of the Central Remedial Clinic will leave! Corporate Governance, Central Remedial Clinic-style, will be the font of many doctorates of philosophy in years to come.


CRC Appear Before Public Accounts Committee

Financial eunuchs have bottled it

WHAT a wonderful week for flying under the radar. The puff piece about Ireland in Forbes magazine, the Central Remedial Clinic funding row and the puzzle about whether Des Peelo, friend of Haughey and Bertie Ahern, was really a member of Fine Gael, all provided glorious diversions. Far more important events were buried.


More Charitable Misdeeds will Blight the Nation

 PERHAPS Paul Kiely, the big beast from the Central Remedial Clinic, was watching Friday’s Late Late, Toy Show. Kiely earned €236,000 last year for looking after the needs of disabled kids. If he caught the programme, he would have seen eight-year-old Domhnall O Confhoala from Galway enjoying a moment of happiness.

Noble Vision Hijacked by FF Cronies

Did Charlie Haughey save the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC)? In 1987 Lady Valerie Goulding, CRC’s great founder, declared that “but for Charlie, we’d have no centre today”.