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Ostriches Deny Mortgage Crisis

SOMETHING about the mortgage crisis does not add up. While mortgage arrears are out of hand, repossessions are minute.

Indeed, last June some 83,250 mortgages were in arrears. At the same time, there were only 961 repossessions.

Quite a puzzle.

The low level of evictions must be thanks to those pussycats in the banks, the souls of human kindness.

The stand-off between borrower and lender is bizarre. No one is moving. The bankers seem paralysed while the homeowners are beginning to realise that there is safety in numbers. Not paying a mortgage is becoming normal, rather than rare.

Is there a quasi-mortgage strike developing? Even more intriguingly, is it being indulged by the Government?

Say No to Property Tax, Save Stepaside Garda Station

 Please join me at a public meeting on Monday, December 17th at 7:30pm at De La Salle Palmerston Rugby Club, Kilternan.

Martin Donnellan, former Assistant Garda Commissioner, will also speak.

The Government has waged an assault on home owners by introducing a penal property tax based on valuations. Home owners in Dublin South/ Dublin Rathdown will be unfairly discriminated against as a result of Budget 2013. They will bear a heavier financial burden than those who own larger houses, but live in rural areas.

As the only non-government TD in the constituency, I have already made my position on this Property Tax crystal clear. I will continue to oppose it and fight on behalf of you and others in the area.

This budget is nothing less than an outright attack on home owners, families, single parents, children, the disabled, carers, OAPs and all those at the middle and lower end of the specturm.  

Now Stepaside Garda Station is set to close, putting further pressure on Garda Stations in Dublin South and putting homes and families at risk. It is the only Garda Station between Dundrum and  Enniskerry. Its closure will make Dublin South a less safe place.


Join me in saying NO to Prop. tax, SAVE Stepaside (PDF)


I am always available by e-mail, post or phone at:

Shane Ross

Independent TD,

Dáil Eireann,

Leinster House,

Kildare Street, Dublin 2. 


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Budget 2013: Fight the Property Tax

The Irish people voted for change in 2011, but unfortunately, little if anything has changed. The faces in government may be different, but the attacks on the taxpayer continue.

The property tax proposal represents another attempt by the Fine Gael/ Labour government to attack home owners and those in negative equity. Those who own homes in Dublin will be particularly badly affected by a valuation-based calculation of the tax. It will crucify those already struggling to pay their mortgages; those in negative equity; those about to be hit by mortgage interest rate rises; those who have lost their jobs; pensioners and those who paid extortionate levels of Stamp Duty during the boom.

Many of the middle income earners targeted will simply be unable to pay a property tax. Nor should they have to; the proposal is penal and unjust, particularly when we see bankers and top civil servants continuing to walk away with apparently untouchable pensions and bonuses.

I will oppose any attempts by the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition to tax your home.