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#JobFairy Constituency Worker to a Member of Dáil Éireann

JOB SPECIFICATION   Purpose:   To represent, assist and advise Member on constit
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Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

17% increase overall 26% increase in tourism 13% increase in Sport Minister for Transport,
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Archive for June, 2011

Let’s Take the Fight to France

WHAT has happened to all of that political capital that Ireland invested in fair Christine?

The French finance minister is about to escape from the blandishments of Michael Noonan and head for New York. In her last weeks in office, she has been happy to pose for pics with Michael at the drop of a hat.

Michael emerged from the encounters singing the virtues of Madame Lagarde for the top job in the IMF. It was Ireland’s way of sucking up to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

All that attention given to Christine has been wasted. Michael has emerged from these rendezvous — invariably commencing with continental kisses — with a French flea in his ear.

FG & Labour are Good FFers

SOME poor sod had to do it. Some clown had to be Fianna Fail’s first sucker. The ragged Opposition party had failed to win a spat for months. Everywhere they turned, they were being hammered. Some say that they face oblivion.

Last week I was the sod who saved them.

Lethal Threat of Continuity BOI

COME weep with me on Wednesday. Let us enjoy an old-fashioned wake. We will wake Bank of Ireland. At 11am in the O’Reilly Hall at UCD we will begin the obsequies.

Join me there at the AGM.

All true sufferers at the hands of the bank should assemble to wonder and weep.

To weep at our personal loss. And to wonder at how the walking corpses in the court of Bank of Ireland are surviving on life support.


Leo was Never a Loudmouth

IS Leo Varadkar a leader-in-waiting or a loudmouth? Last week, members of the Cabinet were spitting blood at the Minister for Transport’s gaffe about a second bailout for Ireland.

The gaffe was vintage Varadkar: “It is very unlikely,” volunteered the honest young minister, “that we’ll be able to go back [to the financial markets] next year. I think it might be a bit longer. 2013 is possible, but who knows?”

Such rare glimpses of reality spread fear about Ireland around the markets of the world.