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Interview on Ireland AM

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Drink Driving – The Facts

Shane Ross, T.D. | 05/04/2017 | The Irish Daily Mail | Everyone is entitled to their own o
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Bedside Book To Wake Us Up

I HAVE to make a confession. Beside my bed at home lies a book. No, not by Cecelia Ahern, nor Barbara Cartland. Not even Mills and Boon. Admittedly it has been lingering there since December. A couple of pages a night works wonders for insomnia. The book is called The Return of Depression Economics by Paul Krugman.

Which only goes to show what an utterly miserable nocturnal life I lead.


Ushering in my New Respect

ON Tuesday morning I arrived in Leinster House to report for work. Like all the other inmates I was locked out. It was a ‘privilege’ day in the public service. Anyone who wanted to work was barred from the premises. A kind of lock-out in reverse.