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Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

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Archive for June, 2008

Broadband and the Banks

I again raised the issue of broadband in the Seanad today. A leaked document appeared in the Irish Times yesterday (June 24th) regarding the government’s “Next Generation” broadband strategy which is to be published on July 3rd. I told the Seanad that, while being a highly aspirational document, this was essentially all that it was- empty words when we need immediate action.

At the same time, I also highlighted the deplorable situation regarding the damage that banks have done to the Irish economy. It ought to be realised, if it has not already been, that Irish banks in particular are disgracefully run because they are run for bankers and nobody else.


France U-turns on Corporate Tax Rate

I welcomed last week’s report in the Financial Times that  French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde has  dropped any immediate French threats to Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate.

Speaking in the Seanad last week, I said that the government should take comfort and hope from the u-turn in France’s attitude less than a week after the referendum result.


Already Looking Forward To Lisbon Mark Two

I am looking forward to voting Yes in next year’s referendum. Two days after the No vote, Lisbon Mark Two is already a live runner. The despair in Government circles and the anger at the result in Europe is being replaced by realpolitik. Even on Friday as he conceded defeat, Taoiseach Brian Cowen refused to rule out a second referendum, Cowenspeak for “It’s the first option”. Yesterday Le Figaro, the Sarkozy-leaning French daily, suggested that amendments or protocols would do the trick.

And they probably will.


The Great Lisbon Tax Ambush

The Scene: the Elysee Palace, June 20 (next Saturday). A private breakfast celebration for five heads of state: Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi and Gordon Brown are already seated.

French flunkey: “Madame et Messieurs: Monsieur le premier ministre d’Irlande, Brian Cowen.”

Applause as a triumphant Taoiseach enters the room.