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#JobFairy Constituency Worker to a Member of Dáil Éireann

JOB SPECIFICATION   Purpose:   To represent, assist and advise Member on constit
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Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

17% increase overall 26% increase in tourism 13% increase in Sport Minister for Transport,
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Archive for June, 2007

Trinity Seanad Election 2007: With Friends Like These?

“Time to get yourself re-elected to the Seanad,” says she. “Target a section of the TCD constituency and go for it.” “Where shall I start?” I ask. “All the lefties and bearded trade unionists cross the street to avoid me. I seem to have offended them.”

“You should have thought of that before you went seeking their votes,” says she. “Well, at least the business crew will back you.” “They will be a doddle,” I reply unconvincingly, pointing out that many Trinity College graduates have risen to the top of Irish business.


Trinity Seanad Election 2007: Ballot Papers to Arrive on Monday, 25th June

I expected the ballot papers to have arrived to Trinity gradutes by now for the upcoming election. However, democracy must wait for the dinosaurs in An Post – They will not be delivering ballots until this Monday, 25th June. It should arrive by registered post then. If there is no one there to sign for your ballot paper, it may be collected from the Post Office up to 3 days later. It will then return to Trinity. Contact me (Enable Javascript to see the email address) if you have any questions or if you are unsure about the address the ballot will be sent to.

Trinity Seanad Election 2007 – My Nominators: Willie Walsh and David McWilliams

I am honoured to be nominated in this election by former chief executive of Aer Lingus and current British Airways boss Willie Walsh, and by journalist, economist, and best selling author David McWilliams

Willie Walsh writes:

Trinity Seanad Election 2007: Watch My Interview With Pat Kenny On The Late Late Show!

Watch my Late Late Show interview here, where I revealed my plans to undercut all the auctioneers with my new licence and where I offered NTR €10,000 to open up the Westlink toll bridge. They later told me to stuff my ten grand!

Trinity Seanad Election 2007: A Senator Campaigns For The Underdog

Ballot papers will be distributed to all Dublin University graduates from 19th June for the Trinity Constituency. Firstly, I must thank these graduates for allowing me the last five energetic years in the Seanad. Today you may well ask: Why should you re-elect me as an independent Dublin University Senator? Here, I shall try to respond.