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Archive for April, 2007

Climate Change – A Vital Issue of Our Time

Climate Change and the Environment will of course be important issues in the coming weeks of the election campaign. To ensure it stays at the top of the agenda when the election is over, I have placed a motion for debate it in the Seanad on the subject for when the new Oireachtas meets. The motion I put down is as follows:

EBS Says Ethna “Resigned”!

EBS chairman Mark Moran admits there are “lessons to learn” from his board’s inelegant execution of Ethna Tinney. The first is that the boss, Ted McGovern, should keep his missus away from AGMs . Her intervention at the AGM caused a stir – not least because few, except Ted, knew that she was the boss’s wife. (read about her intervention here)

But it seems there is a second lesson for the EBS. It should learn the rules.

Let the Missus do the Talking for the EBS

It was midway through the roasting of Ted McGovern, the €760,000-a-year EBS boss, at last Monday’s AGM when a well-groomed woman rose to speak. Ted beamed. Only a few minutes earlier the masses had been shaping to storm the platform.

She was no friend of Ethna Tinney, the EBS board’s victim. She supported the board and above all she admired Ted. This was a hook against the head for the board. A surprise ally. Was the well-tailored woman another loyal victim of the EBS, I wondered? Or just a board stooge, a plant in a hostile audience?

Govt Committee Recognises Our Pitiful Broadband Record

The details published today on the third broadband report of the Joint Committee on Communications are disturbing, but not surprising. It is unsurprising given widespread government inertia on the issue. It is disturbing because Ireland is winning a race to the bottom of the European broadband league, and this has implications both for our competitiveness and our quality of life.

Ministers have continually paid lip-service to the need to install broadband in every house and business in the country but have failed to implement practical policies to actually deliver nationwide. Their smugness and blindness will come back to bite us in the future.

Tinney Shafted; EBS Stumbles On

When Ethna Tinney lost her bid to be re-elected to the board of the EBS, Chairman Mark Moran said afterwards that the vote was a “clear mandate for the board and a clear outcome.” To remind you, Mark is refering to a margin of victory of just 835 votes from a total of almost 20,000 ballots.

Yet the outcome isn’t nearly as clear as Mark claims. Tinney won the day. Out of the 1,200 people in attendance at the meeting, the vast majority supported her. Why else would Mark refuse to put the vote to the floor before counting ballots?

Moral Victory for Tinney at EBS AGM

Ethna Tinney has been voted off the board of the EBS Building Society. However the margin of victory for the board meant that her eviction is a pyrrhic one for the board. 9,417 voted for her re-election without the support of the board, with 10,252 voting against giving a margin of defeat of just 835 votes.

Thanks to everyone who supported Ethna in her battle, and congratulations to Ethna for her defiance and bravery!

Saturday is Last Day to Submit your EBS Proxies!

If you haven’t already submitted your EBS proxy, please note that Saturday is (effectively) the last day you can submit them. Simply go into any EBS branch, ask for a proxy form, fill it in there and then, and insert into the box provided.

Otherwise, you can still drop forms into me at Leinster House tomorrow (Friday). However, if you post them to me either today or tomorrow, it will be too late as the deadline is 9.00am on Monday.

Keep the EBS Proxy Forms Coming!

Attention all EBS Shareholders: Support Eithne Tinney’s re-election to the board of EBS. If you cannot attend the AGM on 16 April, please proxy your vote to me to support her. The instructions to do this are here.

Importantly, if you have mislaid your proxy form, simply call your local EBS branch and ask them to send a new one to you

How to Complete EBS Proxy Form

If you are a member of EBS, you should have already received your proxy form in the post. If not, contact your local branch immediately. To nominate me as your proxy for the upcoming AGM simply: