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Ross & Griffin on track to deliver over €2.3 billion for transport, tourism and sport in 2019

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Archive for June, 2004

We Should Not Take Orders on How Our Interviewers Conduct Themselves

Newspapers have reported that the Government expressed regret about a very fine interview given by President Bush to a rather finer questioner, Carole Coleman. I would hate to think that, as has been reported by some newspapers, the Government apologised to President Bush for the attitude taken in the interview. This was a very probing interview but we should not take orders from the Americans on how our interviewers conduct themselves on air.

Did the Government has expressed regret about this interview? I would prefer to hear that the Government was supportive of our broadcasters on this issue rather than President Bush. The freedom of the press is more important than the dictatorship of some President from the United States of America.

Want to Punish Bush? Ask him to Fly into Dublin rather than Shannon

Dublin Airport is a complete and utter shambles. It is because of the shenanigans that are going on between the chairman of Aer Rianta, the Minister for Transport, the unions and the board. Extraordinary alliances are being formed to frustrate the apparent wishes of the Government.

In the meantime, we have complete paralysis at Dublin Airport and paralysis of the aviation system. We do not know whether we are getting pier D, a second terminal or anything else.

In the meantime, Dublin Airport is a shambles. I suggest that if anyone wants to punish President Bush, he or she should ask him to fly into Dublin rather than Shannon this weekend because it would expose the real difficulties we face.

Democracy Bypassed: Hurray!

The Government, employers and trade unions have reached agreement on a pay deal without consulting a single Member of this or the other House. It is quite an achievement and it should be acknowledged. If they want to bypass democracy, that is something about which we should be concerned and perhaps debate here. (more…)

Social Partners Are Dictating Public Policy

The social partners are dictating government policy. There is a solution to the squabbling in which the Government parties are indulging in public. While there is a great temptation to blame each other after an electoral setback of the kind we have witnessed, I suggest that the House take the opportunity to debate what is happening in Government Buildings. (more…)

Lack of Resources for Autistic Children is Unacceptable

lmost a year has assed since I initiated a debate on Autism. This week in the Seanad I pressed for more funding to be made available:

“The issue [of autism] has arisen in this House more than in the other, and there is all-party support in the area. We could continue that debate and squeeze some money out of the Minister.

“We should get a commitment from the Minister for an extra grant for autism. We might achieve something by doing that in this House… All sides appear to agree on the issue and it could be taken seriously here.”