Shane Ross
  • Taoiseach pulls FF Beef Tribunal -type stunt on Fennelly report.Gets spin out first as he has read it.True picture starting to emerge now

  • Olivia Mitchell,one of Fine Gael's finest TDs, to retire.A loss to Dublin South where she is good colleague & would have made good minister.

  • Sindo column today:'Enda's Budget may be Shanghaied by China Crisis'.Could China knock Govt election plans for six & force early election?

  • Independent Alliance now has 20 candidates committed for General Election. More to come. Councillors countrywide signing up.

  • Back from holidays with a bang : I back Kerry to beat Tyrone . Finian Mcgrath takes Tyrone

  • SINDO column: "High time that Ibec dinosaur was made extinct"

  • Banking Inquiry locked in private session over David Drumm evidence.Witnesses are waiting . Drumm must be laughing from sanctuary of USA

  • Wow! Independents now at record 31% in RedC Sunday biz Post poll today.

  • Sindo column today: Banking Inquiry is political circus turned farce

  • Prime time spat proves that Banking Inquiry was always meant to be purely POLITICAL battleground. Bankers laughing as they watch.

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