Shane Ross
  • Sindo column tomorrow: The Great Betrayal of Greece by our government.

  • Brilliant achievement by an independent councillor.

  • Time we spelled it out:Greece cannot repay debts. Debt writedown will come to Athens. Ireland will look lame having rolled over to Troika.

  • Coalition dishonours memory of Irish who gave their lives for rights of small nations.Small Greek nation abandoned as we suck up to Germany

  • Noonan and Kenny terrified of being exposed if Greek people get better deal than Irish. They will.

  • Ireland should stand shoulder to shoulder with small country like Greece. Instead we curry favour with bullies --my Dail speech. Shameful

  • Independents in clear lead over political parties in latest Sunday Times opinion poll. Election unlikely until Spring as FG LOSE GROUND

  • Sindo column tomorrow:Mandarin Kevin Cardiff surprise box office witness at Bank Enquiry . Tees up questions for Brian Cowen.

  • Brian Lenihan ,Junior,lost leader, was intellectual giant compared to today's political pigmies. Fascinating documentary tonight RTE 1 .

  • I backed Ireland to beat Scotland against independent TD Finian Mcgrath today. Bitterly disappointed .

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